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Simple and Advanced Filters

Simple Filter

Let's start with a simple filter to view a subset of the data. Clicking the tabular icon on the top right-hand side of the column name opens up a simple filter of options. Here you can select your singular choice.

When you need to make more complex choices, the Filter menu allows you a host of options to specify your filter conditions. You can even combine multiple options to further limit your choices.

Advanced Filter

Here, we select the blue Filter menu. Adding a New Filter Condition allows you to delve into many options based on the columns of data in your dataset. 

In this example, we specify Communities we are interested in examining. You can enter the names of the communities and the checkbox allows you to select one or many options.
You can also combine multiple filters fore more powerful analysis. In this example, specifying the address quadrant helps narrow down the choices. You can then choose the specific communities for that quadrant that you're interested in exploring.