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Every year in May, The City conducts the Central Business District (CBD) cordon count. The cordon count is performed at 31 locations around the CBD over a three week time period, collecting data on how people travel into and out of downtown Calgary. The CBD cordon circles the downtown with the Bow River to the north and the railway tracks to the south and from 11 Street in the west to the Elbow River in the east. These data represent the total number of persons entering (inbound) and exiting (outbound) at each location, by modes, during a 16 hour time period. This raw dataset is NOT normalized to average weekday. It is a snapshot of the inbound and outbound activity on a single day at these locations and reflects conditions specific to that day such as construction, lane closures, weather, etc. Therefore, data may not be directly comparable between locations or years. *Attachment is a summary of the inbound and outbound totals and mode of travel.* For additional information on cordon counts, see About --> Source URL.
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